Holly’s wood walk

Holly’s wood walk

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Holly was very excited, she loved hiking! Today she was going to hike 23km through the woods, but first she had to get to get through a long strech of thick ‘bamboo’ which was three times the hight of her!

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When she had concered the bamboo she ran up to the nerest tree and huged it.

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Up she climbed, higher and higher, finding lots of useful cracks in the wood for foot and hand holes.

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Finally she reached the first branch…

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…and sighed as she saw the long path ahead of her.

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But you know, better tackle the promblem quickly or you will be standing here till next christmas!

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Now she came to a very uneven bit, she had to climb over huge tree rotes.

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She saw a log, this tree is twelve years old!

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Holly had a rest on the log.

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Through a gap in the trees she saw an amazing view!

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She walked on and on and finally reached the summit and decided the long hike had been worth this view, but now, she had to go all the way back again…


I hope you liked the short story, it was going to be longer but my camera ran out of power so it was useless. Also something horrable happened to Holly while she was climbing, she fell off the tree she was climbing and about a meter down the step hillside!!!!!!!! I got such a shock I can tell you! But I rescued her in the end and she lived to tell the tail =)=)



Sarah says:

Lovely story- glad Holly was ok after! It’s always so nice to see Sylvanians in the outdoors. Great pics X

Paige says:

Wow, what an amazing background! I’m glad Holly is okay!

emily says:

Shes fine though is still a bit in shock

Kyraja says:

It was a fun story and I enjoyed your backgrounds very much :). The last one is so pretty!
Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about her fall. Good that she survived! :)

emily says:

Thank you paige

emily says:

Thank you kyraja

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