A Grass Transformation!

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This is what my sylvanian display looked like, note that the starter house did not really stang there.

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Chelsea admiring the freshly ‘planted’ grass.

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Hilda Robinson was very pleased to see that there was now a staircase leading up to the Nursery because the Marmalades house was moved to the other side of town.

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Perkin Fisher was checking out the storage space at the bottom of the staircase…. ….when he got stuck.

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Luckily Harry Marmalade came and pulled him out.

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Mayor Hugo was admiring the sign, “this will have to be changes” he thought, “the bakery does not sell Cherry Bread or anything, mind you, the Cherry Bread looks like a burst Tomatoe if you ask me.”

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The fences had to be put up

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In the evening they all had a huge picnic with pizza, salmon, eggs and sandwhiches.


How do you like the transformation?


Kyraja says:

It looks fantastic! The grass makes it so much more realistic!

emily says:

Thank you!

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