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Now before I start, I am NOT saying good bye to my blog! This good bye is the title of a story, where some sylvanians say good bye to one another because they are going on a little five week holiday in Germany and Austria. So, heres the story:


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All the lucky holiday sylvanians meet in the bakery to say good bye to their friends and family not going.

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Little Oscar Chocolate went first, he was travelling all by himself. Mrs Acorn, Alfies Mother was taking care of him.

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“I am sorry to say but your Mother couldn’t come because she could not bare the thought of you leaving so she is at home.”said Father Fraiser Chocolate.

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“Good bye Oscar, be yourself and don’t worry about us, we will be alright.” whispered Fraiser.

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“Good bye Oscar, enjoy yourself!”stammered Coco, trying not to cry but he was very emotional.

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Rose sighed and hugged her little cousin.

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“Don’t cry dear,”she said “you will have a whale of a time”

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“Promise to write?” Rose asked, “Draw lots of pictures too and take plenty of photos, won’t you? Will you use the letter set I gave you for Christmas? I have written our adress on the envelopes. Can you phone once you arrive? Now don’t cry Oscar, you will love going there!” said Rose, trying very hard to sound cheerful but she was getting quite teary herself. Oscar silently cried to himself and when he finally stopped, he was still crying from the inside, Rose was pretty much his mother since Teri always had lots of things to do so she was alwasy there for him and now, he himself would have to go to a froeing country all by himself.

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The family hugged the very last time and

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Mayor Hugo said his good bye.

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Then oscar walked off with the Acorns.

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Until he ran back to his Daddy crying; “Daddy! I don’t want to go! I want to stay here!”

Flustered, Fraiser replied;”Ofcourse you are, Alfie acorns your best friend isn’t he?” and with that, he marched Oscar to Holly Acorn.


Well, I will post part two tommorow .

Kyraja says:

Aww, so cute and emotional! I’m looking forward to part 2! :)
Enjoy your trip to Germany and Austria! Are you visiting family? :)

emily says:

Yes I am

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