16th of December

16th of December

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“Well, good morning children! Lulu and Annie are already out of the house to nursery, but you… Sadly Mr.Billabong is ill in bed and can’t teach you so I am afraid, no school today.”said Dorothy “But, since you took your books home yesterday, Matilda said that I could home school you today, all the other parents are doing the same you know.”

The children, who were before jumping with joy and happiness now looked glummly at their mother.

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Zara and Ashton were horrified! Home schooling! What a pity, to spend a day inside doing school work when they could be riding horses and doing all kinds of fun things. Anyway, they went of to get their books.

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They sat at the table while their mother gave them a thick book each to read. “I know you are studdying animals so here are some facts which will help you answer the quiz i have prepared for you, you can have an hour to read, not a second more!” Dorothy said. Quiz? The day couldn’t  possibly get worse.

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While the children read on and on Dorothy made herself a cup of tea.

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“Stop what you are doning and give the books to me now and then answer these questions I am going to ask you.”said Dorothy, the children handing her their books.

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“Lets start,

1. How many wings do the most insects have?

a. two



Write a,b or c on your page please.

Next question,

Were does the tiger live?

a Africa

b Asia

c Europe” said Dorothy.

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She read out three more questions and then she marked them.

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Dorothy surprised the children by setting their book before them again, she said since that test didn’t go so well they could study a bit more for their real test on Thursday.

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None of the children or Dorothy had realized how dark it was outside, it was only one o’clock in the afternoon!

Kyraja says:

😀 what a funny story! I guess I also wouldn’t be that happy about home teaching ^^

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