18th of December

18th of December

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“Wow!”gasped Harry as he walked downstairs, it was really foggy outside! “Never mind” he thought, thinking it would not be as bad as it looked.

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But when he opened the door it was even worse than it looked, but, you know, ‘you just have to go with the flow’, so thats what he did.

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Just cooking some porrige

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Small pancakes for the kids

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“Done!” exclaimed Harry, hmmm, a bit….. ……not enough.

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After a quick dash to the bakery, the table looked much better.

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“Time to get up kids! Ooops!” cried Harry, remembering that Chloe should not be woken till 7.30, not 7.00, when Kyra and Jack get up.

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“Wake up!”he said and gave Kyra a shake.

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“Mooooooooooornig!” Harry trilled.

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They dressed and put their blankets under the couch.

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“Snow! So thick! It’s snowen over the window!”cried Jack, “I thought everyone knew fog when they saw it, it’s very thick fog!”mocked Kyra, laughing at Jacks face.

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Down they went and enjoyed their breakfast very much, since it was so foggy, the school rang to tell that their was to be no school. But since their was a test to study for, they thought that they would study for a bit.

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Harry woke up Chloe and she ate her breakfast, he brang a selection of Chloes toys downstairs for Her to play with.

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“The hot porrige is very delicous” Harry exclaimed.

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Harry went upstairs and found his wife awake, he ran down to get her porrige.

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“Thank you so much dear”Lauren laughed, taking the tray from Harry.

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Harry walked downstairs and found that Chloe had abandoned her toys. He noticed a nasty draft…

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“Oh no!”gasped Harry as he found the door opened, Chloe was outside!

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He steped outside and only saw this.

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Harry waited till the fog thinnened a bit and then went outside.

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There she was! Harry gave her a big hug………

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………….and found it was only the garden chair.

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He went back inside and their was Chloe! Harry felt relieved.

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He made her promise never to go outside in fog ever again.


It’s almost christmas!


Kyraja says:

😀 I had to laugh about him hugging the garden chair! It looks sooo cute! 😀

emily says:

Thankyou Kyraja!

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