22nd of December

22nd of December

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“So, we need to get your shirt washed” said Perkin to his son Ashton, “Um, can you please go outside and find the nearest girl to come and help us wash it? You see, I don’t want to get in trouble with your Mother, because the thing is, that I have never washed a shirt in my intire life!!!!” said Perkin, kind of feeling embarrased about the fact that he had never washed a shirt before.

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So Ashton returned with Gerimine Billabong, the chattiest girl in the whole village.

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“Will you please get some soap?”asked Gerimine, looking at Ashton. “Here you are!”cried Ashton, handing her a bar of soap.

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Gerimine sighed, obviously, Ashton and Mr Fisher didn’t have a clue when it came to washing.

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“You are supposed,”she went on patiently “to use this special type of soap which is designed for washing clothes.”

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Soon they had a lovely, bubbly mixture, “Now what?” asked Perkin.

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“Now, you put the shirt in the mixture and wash it” Gerimine said. “But how DO you wash it?” questioned Perkin,  Gerimine was now getting a bit frustrated, “you just wash it like this” she said and showed them how. Gerimine tried to sound calm and patient but they could hear how very frustrated she was getting. “Now you just need to get it dry” she said and went downstairs and out the door.

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“Now what?” asks Ashton, “Um, will you get Gerimine again please” said his Father.

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Very frustraited now, Gerimine returned with a funny thing in her hand, “You just whack all the moisture out of it and then let it dry” said Gerimine, this time, running out of the house.

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“Now what? Do we let it dry by the fire, or do we hang it on the washing line, or do we put it in the sun? Ashton, will you please get Gerimine?”asked Perkin.


Hope you like the story =)


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