Benny goes Missing Part 1

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“Teri, could one of your orphans please help me pick the fruit from my orchard, and arange them for me at my fruit stall?” asked Chelsea Blackberry hopefully.”Yes, of course! They all want to.” Teri replied, looking at the excited children, they were all very excited indead. Jumping up and down, wishing that Chelsea would pick them, well, everyone except for Benny. He thought that picking fruit was very boring, carrying fruit was even more boring, all together he thought it was a very boring job. Benny prayed that Chelsea would pick Strippy or Tim, anyone except for him!


“How about…….” Chelsea paused “….Benny?” “Yes, Benny would love to help you”said Teri, looking down at Bennys gloomy face.

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Benny slowly walked after Chelsea, the others would be playing football, while he was with Chelsea picking boring old fruit!

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Chelsea and Benny walked to the orchard, Chelsea humming and Benny scowling. He was dragging an old basket, crossly he thought to himself how lucky the other children were.

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They soon came to the orchard, Benny was amazed at the size of it!

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Benny had the very important job to guard the baskets while Chelsea fetched a ladder from a shed nearby.

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She soon came back, carrying an enormos laddder.

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Benny spied a small grape bush and started pickind the grapes eagerly, he was feeling a little better, maybe fruit picking wasn’t THAT bad.

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Chelsea looked at the fruit, there was so much of it! She would need another basket, but they didn’t have another basket. Chelsea went back to the shed to look for something to carry the fruit back with.

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A wheelbarrow!

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She leaned the ladder against the orange tree.

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Slowly she climbed up, telling Benny to stand well clear of the falling oranges.

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Chelsea got down and put all the oranges into the basket. Surprised, she looked around; Where was Benny?

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Chelsea got Benny down and gave him a lecture about ladders.

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They picked the apples (Chelsea on the ladder, not Benny) and put them in the wheelbarrow.

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They walked ‘another hundred miles’ to the strawberry patch.

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Benny looked at the strawberry path with eager eyes.

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They picked all the strawberries, ofcourse without eating some, it was impossible to stop Benny eating them. He picked three, ate two and put one in the basket.

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They walked back

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Benny just wanted to eat another strawberry when his basket was empty! He had dragged along the basket in a way, that all the strawberries could roll out!

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So they turned around and walked all the way back to the strawberry patch, picking up the berries.

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They sorted the fruit and Benny was just about to go back to Mrs Chocolate when- ” Have you been eating anymore strawberries Benny?” asked Chelsea. Benny looked all innocently at her, but she took one look at his mouth and said “You have!”

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Benny walked back to his orphanage group, it was fun picking fruit afterall! There, Teri was just going to going to explain how an oven worked when she counted them. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8……. Where was Benny? He had been there two minutes ago, he had come back from fruit picking and had been siting between George and Linda… …Oh no! Benny was missing!



Hope you like part one, next week will come part2 then part 3. I will try to make all my stories in the future about this long, or should I make them shorter? Or leave them? I think I will make them like this one, What do you think?

Kyraja says:

I really like long stories :)
This one was really cute, I love the picture of Chelsie holding the ladder or the one with Benny on the ladder 😀
I wonder what happened to him?

emily says:

Thank you kyraja, you will have to wait till next week to find out what has happened to Benny. :) :)

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