Benny goes missing Part 2

Lauren Marmalade, hearing Teri Chocolates scream, looked all around her house, seeing if Benny was hiding somewhere, he loved hide and seek. She looked in the oven, hoping he was not there since it was on, ready for her pumkin pie which was just standing on the stove.


Luckily, he was not there. She looked underneath the table and chairs…….


No Benny there. Once in the summer, Benny hid in the frige to keep cool, she had a look….

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No Benny! Hmm, he might be upstairs!

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Aaaaah! The whole second level was crowded with little children, but amongst them, there was no Benny. She spotted her son Jack, “Jack, why are all these children here?” she asked.

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“You said to Chloe that she could invite a couple of her friends over for a playdate. I think she has gone a bit over board though, it looks like the whole nursery is here and I am trapped on the bed!” Jack said. “Well, I’m friends with everybody so I just invited them all!” protested Chloe.

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But it was not Benny, it was only George.

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Benny is not in my house!

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At the pizza palour, Henry Doormouse was looking for Benny too.

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He might be in the oven, he thought to himself.

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But there was only a squirell in there, hiding from the cold wind.

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He was not under the bench,

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or in the delivery box. That meant that he was not in the pizza palour at all.

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He was also not behind the gnome statue.

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Mrs Billabong was just tidying her display of shoes when she heard the news.

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The only place to hide there was in the brown box.

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But he was not there.

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Miss Acorn was also looking for Benny,

IMG_9374 (FILEminimizer)

in the corner,

IMG_9373 (FILEminimizer)

under her stall, but he was not there.

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All the other villagers looked for Benny too but no one could find him anywhere in the village. Teri had changed out of her blue dress because it was soaking wet with tears. Oh where could Benny be? Chelsea asked ” I know that you are upseat but could maybe one of your children help me water the trees in the orchard, it would be really help-”

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In the orchard! Teri was sure that Benny was there, he loved all the plants and picking fruit!

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She reached the orchard.

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There Benny was, eating an orange!

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“Oh benny! You must never ever leave like this ever again, you gave my such a shock” said Teri, weak from relive.

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” I FOUND him! He was in the orchard. BENNY IS HOME!” Cried Teri.



FINALLY I have posted this. Next month I am going to start off with a newspaper article about easter, and n-. No , I am not telling you any more since everyone likes a good surprise, right?



Kyraja says:

I’m glad that they found Benny! Very nice story! :)

emily says:

Thank you kyraja!

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