The Easter Egg hunt

The Easter egg hunt

Mmhm, now said Matilda Billabong as she finished putting her iced roses in order. Isn’t it exciting mommy said Gerimine eyeing her mommy’s rice nachos. Yes dear Matilda said don’t eat the nachos though, they are for the sylvanians that come to the Easter egg hunt. Yes mommy, oooh look at those pineapple plums swirls that Mrs Fisher is selling! At that moment Mr Billabong (the host) announced it was 2 o’clock and the sylvanians would start coming. Yeek squeaked Gerimine.


Mum, Dad shrieked Freya as she and her brothers and sister arrived and gave her parents a huge hug. Coco meanwhile had a quieter hello, but he still gave his parents a hug. As soon as the Families had greeted one another they went to talk to their friends about how excited they were and how much they looked forward to the Easter hunt. Now it was finally 2.30 and all the children gathered around Mr Billabong to finally announce the hunt was open


Before I declare the hunt is open here are the rules: nursery children go first and you are only allowed 1 egg each, OK? Mr Billabong said. So, nursery kids Ready, Steady, Go…

School kids Ready, Steady, Go! Soon there were cries of joy, I found a blue one, me too, I found a pink one in the hay, same! Look there’s a white one in a nest! No that’s a real one, look there’s a pink one! Sadly Tim was last to find his because he went to get some water but he still found a yellow egg in the stables.


Then everyone had an egg and began sharing where they had found them with their friends, It was so much fun wasn’t it? asked lulu the nursery and they all agreed.


Other photos:

IMG_7617 (FILEminimizer)

Mrs fishers fruit and water stand

IMG_7618 (FILEminimizer)

Mrs Billabongs treat stand

IMG_7619 (FILEminimizer)

The adults even had a little hunt too! their eggs

IMG_7615 (FILEminimizer)

To Finish it of the Easter parade!

Happy Easter!


Great stories! You commented on my blog
( about a month ago asking if you could add my blog to your links. It would be a pleasure! I’m trying to get more people to comment on my blog to! I find it relaxing setting up new displays for my Sylvanians when I get home from school. :)

Great stories! You commented on my blog
( about a month ago. I’m sorry I never got round to replying, I was quite busy. I’m trying to get more people to comment on my blog to! :)

Kyra says:

By the way, can I add a link to your website on my blog?

emily says:

Hi Kyra!
I do not mind if you do put a link on, anyway I am quite happy about it because I am trying to get more people to go/commment on my blog=)

Hazelnut hollow says:

Great stories! You commented on my blog
( but I didn’t have time to reply. Sorry! You asked me if you could add my blog to your links. Of course you can! :)

Kyra says:

Happy Easter to you and your family :)!

I love egg hunts- and your Sylvanians seem to like it too:)

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