Tutorial, Flower Bed

Flower bed

You will need

-tooth picks


green, black& brown water paint


-paint brush


-small stones, about 7mm high and wide

– three seizes of plastic sequin flowers,4-10 mm big


1. Cut the tooth picks into small 1.2 cm pieces.

2. Paint the small tooth pick pieces with green water paint


How to use water paint

1. Get your paint brush wet

2. Stroke about 7 times over your chosen colour

3. Paint, if paint gets dry dip brush in water and wet the colour ”pad”

4. Rinse well before changing colour.

3. When dried stick the small flowers on top.



4. Cut the polystyrene to 4cm long and 2.2 cm wide.

5. Paint it brown

6. Get your stones and paint them black

7. Stick your flowers into the brown polystyrene “ flower bed”

8. Put the stones around the “flower bed”



Mia Wells says:

Apologies for this late response. Your flower bed is soooo cute! I only wish I was as skilled with my hands as you are…

Kyra says:

Hey there :),

sorry, that it took me so long to comment, I was busy with uni work. I love your flower bed!!! It’s so beautiful:). Thank you very much for the tutorial.

Many greetings,

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