A New House!!


I don’t actualy mean a real famiy house, more of a holiday relaxment house. Its made out of about 75 popsicle sticks, the popsicle sticks got glued into parts ( walls, roof, floor, ect.) by PVA craft glue and then put together with the help of my friends hot glue gun. I made some little adjustments to a bit of the roof but that was all, really, my friend did a great job! I am using the words “my friend” instead of her real name because I don’t know if she wants her name mentioned. So, here are some photos I took!



So, this the outside, Sorry for the background. I had to make do with my jacket :(


Thats the inside, I need to get a stove in there somewhere. The Billabong parents had already taken a day off work and Booked& moved in for two nights and thats why they are here.


This is a close up on the ground floor, the next picture is better.


There, the wood in the corner is a little fire which the Billabongs use instead of a stove. Actually the thing Matilda is sitting on is a hair tie, can’t really tell, right?


Upstairs theres a little sleeping loft.


Rolf is busy digging away the snow on the balcony. An hour before he had actually had all the snow of the balcony but then some fell of the roof so thats why Matilda made him dig some more.


On my friends, Kyras, blog I put a comment to say I was going to do a post on my sofa that I made, I also have thrown in some pictures of other furneture items i have made.


This is the sofa and arm chair,


the sofa alone,


and the armchair.


Heres a TV I made, you can pull out one program and put in another!


A bathroom. The pink mosaic comes from a craft store and makes the bathroom look so much better.


I have started on my links page, four links are up already. It will be done in about three days or so.


Paige says:

Ooh!! I love the house! It looks like a super cool fort! I also like how you can change the channel on the TV!! Whenever you’re Sylvanians get bored of one channel all you have to do is make another! I like how the toilet has an actual little bowl! Haha keep up the good work! :)))

emily says:

Thanks paige!
Did you get my comment on that post you posted on july the 3rd?
I hope you did!

Paige says:

Hmmm.. It doesn’t look like I got it, you may want to try again. :)

emily says:

I’ve posted it again.

Kyraja says:

Hey :-),

I love you new house!!!! It looks amazing and it’s the perfect holiday relaxing house! May I ask where you buyed the popsicle sticks? Cause I’m searching for them:-D.
The sofa is also very cute, the cushions are so cuddly :-). And I’m in love with that toilet!!! Very well done!

Yours Kyra

emily says:

Thank you! I got the popsicle sticks from a variety shop which had a closing down sale, It was called The two and five dollar shop.
There I got 102 popsicle sticks for two dollars. Good luck with your search!

Kyraja says:

Thank you very much :)

emily says:

You welcome!

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