Glow worm tour

Hi! My friend Renee [shes the friend i talked about] had a sleep over at my house and we aranged a glow worm tour, hope you like it!


P.S Mr choc is actually Mr Chocolate but well, we didn’t have anyone else to guide them, insted we hade to use one of my existing figures. We chose Mr Chocolate.

P.P.S Do have an idea what i could do a tutorial on?

Paige says:

Very nice glow worm tour. Too bad Mr. Choc’s camera space ran out. Maybe bookshelves? Or books? I’ve made these before and they are pretty simple. :)

emily says:

I’ve made books before too

Kyraja says:

Hey :),

I love the glow worm tour :). Great that you and your friend and of course your Sylvanians had a nice time!

Mmh… What about cupboards? :)

Many greetings,

emily says:

Sure I’ll try
– should it have a door?
(i am going to do it about 9cm high and 5.5 cm wide)
-How many shelves?
P.S did you find your popsicle sticks?

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