Perkins sick day

Perkins sick day


In the morning Perkin Fisher woke up feeling ill, since the doctor (Hugo Trunk) was just outside inspecting the cleanness of the village, Dorothy asked him to come inside for a cup of tea, raspberries and milk and, of course, to have a look at Perkin.

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“I’m sorry,” said Dr Trunk “But he has quite a fever and must stay in bed. Here is a medicine, which you put two drops of it in a cup of water and serve before he goes to sleep.”

Dorothy went downstairs to make breakfast and Dr Trunk followed. “Hugo, Will you please get out three bundles of parsley of that cupboard?” Dorothy asked. She was making an egg and parsley omelette, blackcurrant tea and she got out a nice fresh bun. Annie went outside to pick a fresh apple from the apple tree.

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She served Perkin and sat down with Hugo for tea and raspberries & milk.

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Perkin was upstairs and quite happy not to have anyone to talk to for a change, so, he could forget his manners and really just tuck in. Then there is no one to tell him off by it! Even though he was not hungry, the food was so delicious that at the first bite of his omelette he felt the hunger coming back. “Oh” he said, “my wife is such a good cook!”

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After such a good meal, he felt very sleepy and was soon fast asleep.

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Dorothy meanwhile had no time to relax, Perkin ran ‘The Basswood Herald’, the newspaper in basswood creek and when he was sick Dorothy had to do all the work. Therefore, she sat down in front of her typewriter a d started writing.

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Perkin slept all the way into the afternoon and was feeling much better. Before he knew it his children were home from school. Annie and Lulu read to him.

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He had another nap until dinnertime and was served salad and an egg.

After his dinner, he had his medicine and went to sleep. Dorothy said that she would rather sleep in the camp bed so that she would not get sick. Therefore, Perkin had the whole bed to himself and felt very happy.

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Hi! I hope you like the story!

I’m going to post another story about Perkin soon, in about 5 days or so.

I am also working on my figures again =(.


Aranera says:

Such a sweet story, can’t wait to read the next one 😀

Paige says:

Wow this might be my favorite story of yours yet! Very creative and cute! So sweet of Anna and Lulu to read to him! Glad he is feeling better. :)

Kyraja says:

I really liked your new story! Poor Perkins, but he’s feeling better now, I think? Love his sleeping pic with closed eyes! So cute :). Can’t wait to read the new story!

emily says:

Hes better now, its good that hes not too sick now because…
Sorry I can’t tell you why because its the theme or topic of the story I will post =)

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