Perkins Surprise

Perkins Surprise


The sun had just risen as Perkin stood up and stretched.

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He got dressed and washed his face since it was a very special day today.

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Then he went downstairs and looked forward to all the hugs and kisses. To his surprise, the family acted normal and his wife had already started to drink her tea! “You are late today” she said. “Well, who cares? I don’t, anyway todays a special day!” “What special day? There is no special day today!”

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After Breakfast, he went outside to find his friend, Rolf Billabong. Surely, HE would know it was a special day today! “No” he said when Perkin asked him!

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Next, he asked the mayor because he knew about all the special days so he would of course know about this one. However, no, he did not know about a special day.

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Head hanging he walked home, trying to get excited about crosswords. However, how can you get excited about crosswords when everyone had forgotten about your special day? The village was deserted, he opened the front door when-


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The whole  of  basswood creek was there and sang Happy Birthday to him. He even got a cake!

Happy Birthday Perkin!

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Hoped you liked the story =).

Do you see the rabbit with the black patch around an eye? Thats Chelsea Blackberry, a late birthday present.

The front room was really crowded.

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Aranera says:

Such a sweet story! I’m glad Perkins got to enjoy his birthday 😀 I love the cakes on the table!

Paige says:

Aww, very cute story! Poor Perkins, glad he ended up having a very special day after all! The cake looks delicious by the way! :))

emily says:

His wife, Dorothy, “Baked” the chocolate and currant cake and Perkin loved it!

Kyraja says:

I totally loved this story!!!! :) :) :) It was so much fun to read, poor Perkins. But everything turned out well – that’s the way I love stories!

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