15th of December

15th of  December

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Yay! Today was Monday the 15th and Dorothy had promised that she would make some playdoh for the children to play with.

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The children chose beutiful colours and then sat down at a table to make creative shapes and sculptures. Perkin in the background was just hanging up the tinsel. (After he had bought the wrong colour, wrong size and wrong style of tinsel three days before.)

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Finally they looked at their finished sculptures.

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Dorothy loved them


Hi! here is something else:

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Dorothy did some baking and Annie got to lick out the bowl


Tomorrow I am going to show you the finished chocolate cake, 100% edable. 95% pure melted chocolate and 5% crushed candy cane.



Jane Cherie says:

This is really adorable! Love how you made them create stuff with PlayDoh!

emily says:

Thanks Jane!

Kyraja says:

Awww, what a cute picture and cute sculptures! :)
And I had to laugh about Perkin buying the wrong tinsel.
Can’t wait for the cake!

emily says:

I am also excited about the cake, hopefully it turns out good, BTW it’s sylvanian size, forgot if I mentioned that in the post.

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