The children go to nursery

The children go to nursery

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Hilda Robinson waited in the nursery, it was another nursery day. “There’s someone coming!” squealed Elise.

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It was Dorothy Fisher with her daughter Lulu.

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Both girls eagerly started talking to each other about dolls and teddy bears, while their mothers talked on and on about boring grown ups stuff like washing and ironing.

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Lulu gave her mum a kiss and then went on chatting with Elise

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Pretty soon, Harry and Chloe came

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and then the orphanage and Jayrene. “Sorry, Oscar is ill and won’t be coming to nursery in the afternoon”

“Thats fine” Hilda said.

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“Where are the toys? They used to be here, in this corner!” Strippy exclaimed

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“Ahhh, I was coming to that, my husband fixed up this shelf at the back of the piano! Nice and tidy right? Much better than before.” said Hilda.

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“Before we do anything else, line up for the slide!” Hilda exclaimed as the excited children lined up to have a go.

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Upstairs it was pretty crowded

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Soon the children started playing.

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They were either doing a play….

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playing with toys….

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doing some drawings….

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or building a block tower.

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The children played a game

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They chose Jayrene to tell them what colour the background was, the thing that was printed on it and thw colours of that. “There are four ducklings, two of them are yellow, two of them are orange. The background colour is light green.” said Jayrene. All the others had a go too.

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Mrs Robinson ran for the piano and startrd playing row row row your boat, enthusiasticly the children stood up dancing and singing to the song

They also danced and sung to Miss Polly had a dolly, old macdonald had a farm and incy wincy spider.

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Last of all, she told them a story. “Once upon a time their was a very greedy king. He loved gold more than anything and he thought it would make him happy. But he was not happy, he said “I must have more gold!”. He already had three rooms filled top to bottom with gold and still wanted more.

So one day he went to see a wizard, he cast a spell on the king that whatever he touches turns to gold. The king went home felling better but not happy yet.

Soon all the rooms were made out of gold and my, how everything sparkeled! The king was pleased but not intirely happy. Soon though things turned against the king.

His bed was out of gold and was very uncomfortable, the food turned into gold and worst of all, when the king kissed his daughter good night, she turned into a gold statue!!!

The king went back to the wizard and said “Wizard! Change back please!My daughter is a gold statue and I am half starved! All the food has turned into gold! Please help me”. So the wizard changed him back, the king had learnt his lesson. He gave almost all his gold to the poor because he realised that family was the key to happiness, not gold. Form that that day on he lived happily ever after.


In what seemed like minutes it was already time to go home and all the parents were waiting at the door. How quickly the day went by! Time flies when you are at nursery agreed the children. They went home, talking all about their wonderfull day at nursery.

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Hilda looked around the nursery, 30minutes to have lunch, clean the nursery, water the plants, buy dinner….. Alot of things to do till the afternoon children arrive.


Hi! Heres the nursery story, I have put up the descriptions of my new figures, also in my awnser comment to kyraja, I said I would post photos of the differenent fur colours of the Robinsons:

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I am still looking for a last name for the brown mouse, please comment if you have a sugestion.


Paige says:

Very cute story! Interesting about the fur colors! As for a name, hmmm, how about Morris? :)

Kyraja says:

That was a cute story – love the picture with all the children on the top floor. 😀
Thank you for the picture – it’s really interesting that they have a different colour. O.O
By the way, you suddenly disappeared from my follower list O.O. I fear something is wrong with my blogspot site

emily says:

Thank you Kyra!

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